Huckabee: Russell Simmons and Closing Thougths

There has been some discussion in the air as to why Mike Huckabee had hip-hop artist Russell Simmons as a guest on his show due to their extreme opposite views, and I mean EXTREME.  Was he trying to promote and applaud the agenda of the left?  Absolutely not; listen to his closing after the interview.  Huckabee is telling his viewers that they need to be as passionate about spreading the correct message as others are about spreading the wrong message, and he uses Simmons as an example.

Huckabee had another strong closing statement to conclude last week’s show.  He keeps hammering away at Congress and this time it is for not knowing how to stand in line and how not everybody should get tropies.

A fundamental principle among us is that we are all created equal – that means that we line up at the starting line at the same place. It’s up to us to determine the order at the finish line.

The real problem of the bailout bills is that it’s no longer making sure that we have an equal starting line, but the same finish line. For those who can’t get there on their own, it’s now the government’s role to place them in front of others.

If a company is mismanaged and failing, take money from the good ones and prop up the bad ones.

If one household bought a house they couldn’t afford and used their money to take vacations and buy flat screen TVs, take money from their neighbors who bought a smaller home, didn’t go anywhere last year and don’t even have cable.

That’s the economic equivalent of breaking line and Americans don’t like it.

Congress doesn’t seem to understand it because they don’t stand in line.

In the meantime, make sure the opportunities are equal, but don’t try to fix the game and give trophies to everybody. It doesn’t work for 3rd graders and it doesn’t work for the rest of us.


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