Ann Coulter is Guilty

When Mike Huckabee had conservative icon Ann Coulter on his FOX News show to dicuss her new book, Guilty, he took the opportunity to confront her on her lies and distortions that she spread about him during the 2008 presidential primary season.  When she stated to his face that he was too “liberal” for her many thought that this was an opportunity for Huckabee to confront her on her own endorsement of Mitt Romney who was the real Republican liberal in the pack  who she and many other conservative talking heads chose to prop up as a conservative.  (By the way, Mike Huckabee is 100% pro-life and pro-family, received an A+ from the NRA, cut taxes 91 times in Arkansas as governor and left office with a surplus after inheriting an overwhelming budget deficit, wants to abolish the IRS, and believes that America should have the world’s strongest military.  Show me one liberal with that type of record.)

Ann Coulter and the others chose to hide Mitt Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts where he raised taxes or “fees” by $700,000 million, signed into law a nationalized health care plan, supported McCain/Feingold and McCain/Kennedy while opposing the Bush tax cuts and the Iraqi surge, legalized same sex marriage, and gave $50 taxpayer funded abortions in his health care plan (after his pro-life “conversion”).  I could go on but the rest of the story is covered here, here, and here.

Even though Huckabee did not confront Coulter on her support of the wolf in sheep’s clothing, others have.  There are two interviews that I know of that were about her book, but at the end of the discussion she was presented with her cover-ups and lies about Romney’s record.  The first one was with Bob Enyart, talk radio host and pastor, in which she said she had to “go meet her mother” and hung up when the questions about Romney began.  The last one was with radio talk show host Steve Deace in which they first discuss her book for fifteen minutes but then she has a complete meltdown over the subject of Romney on the air.  All of this proves that Ann Coulter is Guilty.


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