Mike Huckabee News: Parties, Polls, and More!

Tomorrow night Mike and Janet Huckabee will be in Dallas, Texas, for a Vertical Politics Institute kick-off event.  The VPI is dedicated to finding solutions to the many challenges America faces today:  Tax Reform, Energy Independence, Controlling Spending, Health Care Reform, Arts and Education, Sanctity of Life, Traditional Marriage, Environment and National Security.  Chuck and Gena Norris will also be there along with other friends from Huckabee’s past campaign.

Along with being on the national radar with his CPAC speech, Huckabee also made headlines as being in a statistical tie with Sarah Palin in the lasted CNN poll for possible GOP 2012 nominees.  This is the second time that Huckabee has topped a national poll for the 2012 top of the ticket spot.

Also over the weekend there was a great interview with the Governor.  The only mistake the author makes is that Huckabee finished second in the 2008 presidential primaries and not third.

Lastly, the nation wide Huck PAC House Parties were a great success last week.  The volunteers got to meet each other and plan the conservative movement for the future while viewing Huckabee’s vision for Team Huck.

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