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Huck PAC to Launch New Website April 1

Governor Mike Huckabee’s political action committee will celebrate its one year anniversary in April.  Huck PAC had a lot of successes last election cycle, but they want to push harder in promoting conservative candidates and issues, such as limited government, tax reform, 2nd Amendment rights, life, and family, nation wide.  Huck PAC has gained momentum with the grassroots and the new website will be a way to corral and effectively utilize the motivated volunteers.

When the new website launches, old and new members will be asked to sign up for a Team Huck account.  Volunteers will be grouped by state and each state will have their own page on which there will be a blog, local events, a list of leadership and endorsed candidates, and a blogroll.  Team Huck members will be able to invite friends, join local groups, share why they are volunteers, create events, printout handouts promoting Team Huck and make calls on behalf of Team Huck on this new site.  Volunteer activities will be tracked so there will be some friendly competitions between states.

At 3:00 pm EST on April 1st, the launch will take place.  Go to to join Team Huck.


Huckabee’s “Save This Town” Next Stop: Chestertown, NY

Governor Huckabee is continuing his “Save This Town” tour by featuring Chestertown, New York, this weekend on his FOX News show.  This city is home to Lincoln Logs which filed for bankruptcy protection last year.  This will be the second of his five stops to places in America hit hard by the economic pressures.

Team Huck is Above the Target for Jim Tedisco

Governor Mike Huckabee and Huck PAC have endorsed Jim Tedisco for New York’s 20th Congressional District.  The special election is on March 31st and Team Huck has been working the phone banks to get Tedisco elected.  Volunteers from across America sign into Huck PAC and make calls to support endorsed conservative candidates.  Tedisco is just one of the many they will be doing this for.  It seems like they are making a dent because the opposition in New York has noticed.  They better get used to it because Huck PAC’s goal is to make 10,000 calls for Tedisco.

Just when you thought the phone calls, mailbox stuffers, TV and radio ads were over the top in the Jim Tedisco-Scott Murphy mudfest for the seat in the 20th Congressional District, along come the phone banks of “Hucks Army” with people from all over the United States sticking their noses in a New York election.

Pardon us, but we don’t need someone from Oregon or South Dakota or Arkansas telling us who we should vote for to represent us in Washington, just because Mike Huckabee said so. District voters are perfectly capable of making the decision themselves.

The political action committee of Huckabee, former Republican presidential candidate and Arkansas governor, is in full gear with their “phone banks”, bragging about how they have……

Huckabee to Appear in Documentary “An Inconvenient Tax”

There is an upcoming documentary film called An Inconvenient Tax in which Governor Mike Huckabee is one of the interviewees.

Short Synopsis:
     Albert Einstein once wrote, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” The product of 95 years worth of additions, subtractions, deductions, and exclusions, it has become such a headache that many are calling for it to be drastically simplified or even removed all together. With a looming fiscal crisis on the horizon, April 15th seems more like a scene from a B-Horror horror movie than a day to contribute to the common good of the nation. Political favoritism, ineffective social programs, and economic manipulations all reveal the need for tax reform. But how can Americans decide the best way to change the income tax when few people even understand the code or the vast extent to which it truly affects the country?

     “An Inconvenient Tax” explores the history of the income tax and brings to light the causes of its many complexities. The film follows the tax through wars, economic booms, and some of the most significant presidencies in U.S. history. To help crack the code, the film employs the country’s top economic experts, commentators, and political voices. Noam Chomsky, Steve Forbes, Joseph Thorndike, Mike Huckabee, Charles Rossotti, Dave M. Walker, Neal Boortz, Michael Graetz, Daniel Shaviro, Leonard Burman, and others discuss not only the problems America faces in the tax code, but also give valuable insights on how to move forward. Finally, the film gives a voice to the creators of four potential tax reform solutions who claim to have found a better way. In a time when many Americans are concerned about the future of the economy, rising deficits, and unfair tax treatment, “An Inconvenient Tax” provides a crucial, honest look at the income tax. For the first time ever, Americans can engage in the tax debate with confidence and perhaps discover a new way to tax.

Huckabee is featured in the film’s trailer and you can view it here.

Huckabee: Saving Towns, Conservatism, and Paul Harvey’s Time Slots

Mike Huckabee completed his first stop on his “Save This Town” tour in which he visits five different cities hit hard by the economic downturn.  On Saturday he was in Elkhart, Indiana, taping his FOX News show Huckabee talking with the citizens on how they are trying to save their town.

Elkhart has the highest jobless rate at 19% and it is where President Obama first announced his Stimulus Package.  It is known as the RV capital of the world and Huckabee taped his show at the RV Hall of Fame, which had to be moved outside due to overwhelming response.

Not only is Indiana important because of its economic crises, but it is also significant on the electoral map.  Indiana, usually a red state, turned blue for Obama this past election cycle.  Huckabee gave the people of Elkhart  some conservative solutions for the failing economy, which were met with enthusiastic cheers.  The first one was to abolish the IRS and enact the Fair Tax and the second one was……

Instead of printing more money and creating hyper-inflation do something simple: Suspend the payroll tax of every business and self-employed person in the country for three months. That’s cash in the hands of the people who can best turn the economy around; the people who provide jobs and really stimulate the economy. Freeze the staffing and salaries of Congress and federal agencies to feel what American businesses are feeling.

Not only has Huckabee been dealing out his ideas for stimulating the economy but he has also been voicing his advice for saving conservatism.  He recently wrote his debut article for The Washington Times’ series “Reinventing Conservatism” where he calls for Republicans to practice what they preach and return to conservative principles.

Lastly, Huckabee’s audience for his ideas and solutions has just gotten a whole lot bigger.  ABC Radio’s The Huckabee Report, which is a five minute commentary three times a day, will now be carried by the stations that aired Paul Harvey.

When is the next book coming out?

Huckabee Goes on “Save This Town” Tour

Mike Huckabee will be kicking off his five city “Save This Town” tour tomorrow by visiting Elkhart, Indiana, and will be filming his top rated FOX News show Huckabee there. 

Elkhart’s Mayor, Dick Moore will speak about Elkhart’s unemployment rate; from the town where President Obama first announced the Stimulus Package. Doug Lantz, Evergreen RV CEO, John Letherman, local real estate consultant, plus several local and National guests will also speak with Huckabee.

Please view Huckabee’s interview about the tour here.

Finally, Someone Gets It!

Today my post will be short and sweet because I want the article I am featuring to speak for itself.  It represents what I and many others have realized for a very long time.  The article also explains one of the reasons why I have called this blog My Ronald Reagan.

Huckabee Throws Down the Gauntlet

In today’s Washington Times Gov. Mike Huckabee throws down the gauntlet. Conservative principles didn’t lose the last two elections for Republicans… it was the lack of adherence to them……

I’ve said this before, to many people’s chagrin.

Mike Huckabee is now the front runner for the nomination for conservative voters in 2012. He has done the little things to position himself there. His platform at Fox gives him access to Americans every week. And a wide array of people at that. Last week his featured interview was with……

Read the rest of the article here.

Huckabee Debuts as Guest Columnist for Washington Times

The Washington Times is doing a “Reinventing Conservatism” series in which there are multiple guest authors.  Mike Huckabee is one of these authors and his first piece that he writes for the publication is phenomenal.  The message?  There is nothing wrong with conservative principles; the problem is that the GOP has not been putting those principles into practice.  Amen!!!!!!!!

HUCKABEE: Put conservatism into practice

Enough already of the hand-wringing and night sweats about the demise of the conservative movement!

Conservatives aren’t challenged because of the basic principles that define us, but by the failure of the principles being translated into policy and practice.

Ghandi once said, “If Christians would really live according to the teachings of Christ, as found in the Bible, all of India would be Christian today.”

I would be so brazen to say that if conservatives would really live according to the principles of classic conservatism, all of America would be conservative today.

The crisis is not one over the precepts, but the practice. It’s not that we’ve failed in our doctrine, but our “doing.”

Conservatives believe that the best government is the most local government possible and that the 10th Amendment means something and should be followed. Yet, the supposedly conservative Republican Party has been a drum major……

Mike Huckabee Touring Cities Hit Hard by Economy

A couple of weeks ago on Fox News Mike Huckabee announced that he will be going on the road to visit cities that have been most affected by the crumbling economy.  His first stop will be Elkhart, Indiana, where he will be filming his show Huckabee live on March 21.

Indiana, a traditionally red state, turned blue this past November for Barack Obama.  A Republican leader such as Mike Huckabee taking a main street message to this area will be a great asset to the party.  He has always been adamantly against the Wall Street/Washington axis of power and has backed strong tax reform in the Fair Tax.

I just wonder if he will get the Huckabus out for this tour.  If you live in this area you can get your tickets at

Jim Tedisco: New York Special Election March 31

Joe Tedisco is a strong conservative running for the 20th Congressional District in New York.  The special election will be on March 31st and we need him in Congress.  Governor Mike Huckabee and Huck PAC has this to say about him:

Jim is an outspoken conservative who has a record of standing up and fighting for the interests and values of the voters. Jim has led the fight in the New York Assembly for tax relief, a real property tax cap, a stronger economy, more jobs and a better quality of life.

Jim Tedisco is a pro life candidate who has spoken out for the values he shares with his constituents and for the middle class families of New York. He is also a strong supporter of our veterans. He has supported expanded employment opportunities for veterans with disabilities, provided laws for a real property tax exemption for Cold War Veterans, and helped pass Patriot Plan I, II and II to assist veterans and their families in New York. He will be a strong conservative voice in Congress.

Visit Tedisco’s website, and you can follow him on twitter and join his facebook group.