It’s Huck PAC Party Time

Tonight is the first event for Team Huck as there will be 125+ house parties happening nation wide in order to kick off this conservative grassroots movement for limited government, tax reform, 2nd Amendment rights, life, and family.  The goal of the house parties is for volunteers to get to know each other and to recruit new members.  There will be a DVD of Governor Huckabee addressing the future of Team Huck and the conservative movement, and he will also discuss President Obama.  A Huckabee autographed guitar will go to the host who has the most guests at their party and everybody in attendance will receive a “Huck” bumper sticker and will have their name entered in to a drawing for a special prize.  For those who can’t make it to a house party there will be an online community at  These dedicated volunteers will be working hard across the country to promote conservative issues and candidates.


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  1. […] the nation wide Huck PAC House Parties were a great success last week.  The volunteers got to meet each other and plan the conservative […]

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