Huckabee on Obama’s “Change”

Mike Huckabee was one of the first Republicans who was willing to give Barack Obama a chance.  He campaigned vigorously for John McCain, but after the votes came in he pledged his respect to Obama  and called him “my President.”  Huckabee also pointed out that he would adamantly oppose Obama if he did things that he disagreed with.  It looks like that day has come.

Things have changed a lot since Inauguration Day and President Obama has turned this nation to a hard left.  The days of “hope” and “change” have been ushered in by fear and, ironically, more of the same.  Huckabee addressed this farce of a campaign promise in a recent article, and it seems like the days of giving President Obama a chance are over.

Mike Huckabee: Obama’s Performance ‘Cause for Alarm’

Former GOP presidential candidate Gov. Mike Huckabee in an exclusive Newsmax interview says President Obama’s early job performance is “cause for alarm,” and warns his penchant for talking down the economy is “the worst possible direction he could take.”

Obama’s dark portrayal of the U.S. economy — apparently intended to lower the high expectations stoked by his rhetoric during the campaign — is on the verge of becoming a “self-fulfilling prophecy,” Huckabee adds.

The former Arkansas governor’s criticism followed a week that saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a six-year low. The S & P 500, the index that most trading professionals rely on……

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2 comments so far

  1. Skip ONeill on

    The hope and change message from the campaign was bought hook, line and sinker in Oregon. We are beginning to rally around Rick Santelli and his comments. I am still have hope, I only hope the country wakes up in 2010 and we don’t get screwed any further.

  2. Larry on

    I also wanted to give Barack Obama a chance to do his job, but the more he does, the worse it looks. The direction he is taking our country is certainly not the direction we need to go.

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