Michael Steele and the Log Cabin Republicans

While I admire new RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s ability to communicate and his enthusiasm for turning the party around, I will keep a watchful eye on him.  He has made several references to moving the GOP more to the center and perhaps the biggest red flag is the Republican Leadership Council, a pro-abortion, centrist group he founded with Christine Todd Whitman.  Also, the Log Cabin Repblicans are “happy” with the selection of Steele in hopes that he will further their agenda, but the conservative community is pushing back.

AFTAH Gives RNC Chief Michael Steele 20,000 Reasons NOT to Embrace Divisive Homosexual ‘Log Cabin Republican’ Agenda

Americans For Truth (AFTAH) President Peter LaBarbera today urged Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele not to promote the divisive agenda of the homosexual activist group ‘Log Cabin Republicans’ – which has just 20,000 members nationwide — at the expense of the huge, grassroots pro-family conservative GOP base.

AFTAH is encouraging Republicans and pro-family citizens nationwide to contact Steele and the RNC to urge them not to sell out the conservative GOP platform by courting……

Read the rest of the article here.

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