Huckabee Labels the Stimulus for What it is: C.R.A.P.

On his FOX News show two weeks ago, Mike Huckabee hit Congress hard by comparing the stimulus package to garbage.  On his show this past weekend he takes the subject a bit farther.  He pointed out that the bill does not have a name yet, so he proposed one; the Congressional Relief Action Program.  Also, Huckabee wants input on what viewers are going to do with their added $13 a week they will be receiving from this C.R.A.P.


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  1. LarryJackson on

    That is just priceless. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Ellen Carver on

    I loved this when I first heard it on his show! Right on Gov. Huckabee!

  3. Pam H on

    Huckabee gets it! Why don’t our elected get it? Because they don’t feel the pain that we do and don’t care.

  4. […] request went out.  People seemed eager to donate that extra $13.00 they were going to get from the C.R.A.P. that their elected officials passed, and half of the money raised came from new donors.  In […]

  5. Gene A Vaughn on

    This is the best post ever…I could have made Mike Huckabee the President of the United States instead of OBAMA. All he had to do was call me, but I could not get past his arrogant room temperature campaign management.

    He could still make a difference if he calls me. I am doing Gods work with or without him. God gave me an IQ that is double anyone that he knows…My son is an idiot with a 165 IQ. Was writing his own games in Fortran when he was 10 years old in Genius school.

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