Action Alert: Enact the Fair Tax!

Governor Huckabee has always been an adamant supporter of the Fair Tax. With President Obama’s stimulus bill that is now looming towards $1 trillion dollars as it makes it way throug the US Senate, we are in need of a real stimulus that will get the economy booming again without putting our future generation into great debt. The only stimulus that will do this is enacting the Fair Tax and Huckabee sent out an email in support of this.

Dear FairTax supporters,

Make a contribution to the FairTax cause now! Here’s Washington’s idea of a stimulus plan: Borrow trillions of dollars from the Chinese—plunging us all in endless debt for years to come—to try and prop up our sagging economy today.

Folks, that’s not a stimulus package, it’s a shell game, and it’s bad news for all of us.

Please join me in convincing President Obama and Members of Congress to support a REAL stimulus package: The FairTax…now!

As a FairTax supporter, you know that April 15th is an absolutely critical time to remind our fellow Americans that there is a better way than our current federal income tax nightmare, which has punished our workers and shackled our economy for far too long.

This year, in our darkest financial hour in generations, we especially need to tell Washington why the FairTax is THE way to stimulate the economy.

* We need to tell Washington how the FairTax will bring in trillions in capital investment.
* We need to tell Washington how the FairTax will enable workers to keep their whole paycheck to help cover their bills and mortgages.
* We need to tell Washington how the FairTax will unleash the American economy–and the timeless American spirit of free enterprise and innovation.

Can you help me spread this FairTax message to Washington for Tax Day?

We have big plans in April for Tax Day, including a major FairTax rally. But these things don’t come cheap. The venue, staffing, supplies, equipment: It all takes money to put this together, so we need your help to make it happen during this vital time for the American economy. Can we count on you?

I’m doing my part. I am continuing to work for the FairTax cause on multiple fronts, whether speaking on the road, on television, or on the radio. I also devote a significant portion of my latest book, Do the Right Thing, to the FairTax because I know how important this is.

So please, join me in fighting for the FairTax during this critical time for all of us. Together let us make April 15th just another beautiful spring day.

Yours in the fight,

Mike Huckabee

p.s. If you can make your contribution to the FairTax cause now, we’ll put your name in a drawing for signed copies of Do the Right Thing.


3 comments so far

  1. 84rules on

    Big FairTax supporter myself. Care to trade links?

  2. MRR on


    Sounds good.

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