Huckabee: On the Right Side of the Issues

Mike Huckabee is on fire when it comes to being on the right side of the issues.  First, there was his adamant opposition to the federal bailout bill and now his stance against the pork loaded stimulus package.  He speaks his mind during the closing of his FOX News show, Huckabee, this past weekend.  He proves that he is on our, the tax payer’s side, just as he always has been.

Congress Must Think We’re Stupid

I learned a few tricks and tactics while I was a lieutenant governor and governor for over 13 1/2 years. And one thing is that when someone is in a hurry to pass legislation, you’d better slow it down because the reason to hurry a law is rarely urgency to help the citizens, but urgency to get it passed before people find out what the heck it really is.

A lot of legislation is like garbage and it’s garbage the first day in the can, but if it sits there long enough, it really starts smelling.

Congress knows that the so-called stimulus bill is garbage, but hope it gets voted on…….

Huckabee’s appeal to the everyday American is evident because his show continues to be a ratings bonanza.  His success with his political action committee, Huck PAC, is also evident.  On the last day of January the goal was to raise $7,500 online but instead pulled in almost $25,000, and the Huck PAC National Volunteer Team reached the 3,000 mark.

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  1. Pamela on

    Huck 2012!!!

    I love that he said “Term Limits for Congress”. NOBODY every says that. We need some new blood!

  2. […] Huck PAC, Jim DeMint, Mike Huckabee, stimulus bill, US Senate | Mike Huckabee has always stood firm against the trillion dollar stimulus bill and now he has called it out as being anti-religious.  […]

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