The Huckabee Ticker is Back!!!!!

Yesterday Huck PAC announced its 24 hour fundraising challenge.  They are $8,281 away from making their January goal and one donor has offered to match up to $7,500 of what they raise online in that 24 hours.

If you remember from back in the primaries, Mike Huckabee’s website always had a fundraising ticker on the home page for online contributions.  Ironically enough on the date that he dropped out of the race, March 4, 2008, the ticker stopped at $2,012,489.  Hmmmmm……….2012……

This ticker was taken off of the site when it become Huck PAC but now it is back to monitor the progress towards January’s goal.  It looks as if they are closing in on the goal just by the contributions, so the donor who is matching that will put them way over the target.  Great job!


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  1. […] | Huck PAC has once again put the fundraising ticker back up on its website.  It was up at the end of January and helped smash that month’s fundraising goal.  This time the goal was to raise $18,232 in […]

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