Huckabee was SECOND in Delegate Count

I hate to drudge up the past because I would much rather focus on Republican victories in 2010 and 2012.  But when blatant lies and misinformation are thrown out to people I believe it is necessary to correct them with the facts.

On the Colbert Report NBC’s Chuck Todd gave his insight on the 2012 Republican nomination.

On President Obama’s first full day in office, Stephen Colbert kicked off the media’s 2012 election cycle with a visit from Chuck Todd.

Todd, promoting his book, How Barack Obama Won, declared Mitt Romney the front-runner for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination.

“If you follow the history of the Republican party,” Todd said, “Ronald Reagan finished second in ’76, nominee in ’80. George Bush finishes second in ’80, nominee in ’88. History says Mitt Romney will be the nominee in 2012.”

Todd also said that if Republicans want to have a shot in 2012, they need to “not only have white people vote for them.”

Chuck Todd is not the only media talking head that believes Mitt Romney came in second during the 2008 primaries because Sean Hannity also spewed this lie.  Also, if  Todd would have done some research he would have found that Mike Huckabee received 48% of the African American vote while he was governor of Arkansas.

Let the facts speak for themselves as to who came in second behind John McCain for the nomination.

McCain 1563, Huckabee 282, Romney 272

McCain 1575, Huckabee 278, Romney 271

McCain 1302, Huckabee 166, Romney 146

McCain 1291, Huckabee 256, Romney 203



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  1. RossJanes on

    You are right…technically. Romney got out of the race VERY early and would have received numerous delegates had he continued the race probably causing Huckabee to finish 3rd. I would love to see Huckabee run in 2012, but let’s at least be intellectually honest about it!

  2. […] was a great interview with the Governor.  The only mistake the author makes is that Huckabee finished second in the 2008 presidential primaries and not […]

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