Steve King Endorses the Fair Tax

Earlier this week Iowa Congressman Steve King came out in support of the Fair Tax.  Mr. King is a popular social conservative in the western Iowa district who was just re-elected by a large margin.  He has shown his fiscal strength by voting no 100% of the time against the bailouts and now he endorses the Fair Tax as a way to resurrect the failing economy.  I couldn’t agree more and I know that Steve King will be a leader in Congress when it comes to fighting for this tax reform.

FairTax would stimulate growth in economy

By U.S. Rep. Steve King

The federal government is bloated, inefficient and spends too much of your hard-earned money. Not coincidentally, the federal government is also the largest employer in America. Now President-elect Barack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi want more taxpayer dollars to pay for additional, unneeded government workers.

Over the past few weeks, Obama unveiled details of his much-discussed “stimulus package.#” Initially, his plan would have created 600,000 new government jobs, potentially increasing the number of federal employees by as much as 33 percent. News of this increase in government workers reached skeptical taxpayers, and Obama has since backtracked and said the number will be lower. Obama also pledges to create millions of new private sector jobs, but how many will be taxpayer funded?

The American economy needs a shot in the arm, but the answer is not a legion of new government workers. New government jobs will only add to the waste, fraud…..

Read the rest of the article here.

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