Thank You President George W. Bush

I know that approximately 73% of you are going to disagree with the title of my post, but I believe that a lot of people in this country have chosen to have short term or selective memory.  Sure, I’m embarrassed just like a lot of Americans of what President Bush has done to the meaning of conservatism, however, I also can still visualize what happened eight months into his presidency.

George Bush’s first term as President was still in infancy when four of our own commercial jets loaded with people just like us were hijacked and used as living bombs against the United States of America.  Two crashed into the World Trade Center bringing them both down to the ground.  One crashed into the Pentagon and one plane never hit the target of the US Capitol because of real American heros on board, but instead plummeted into a field in Pennsylvania.  So many innocent lives lost and great destruction just because our country was hated so much.

Do you remember what you were doing on this day?  Do you remember how it felt?  Do you remember how it felt?  Seven years have passed and that is a long time in our fast-paced American years.  It  is easy to forget how horrible September 11th was and hard to remember to be thankful that it has not happened again.  On FOX News the other night Democratic political analyst Kirsten Powers was giving her insight on how we shouldn’t necessarily be grateful to President Bush for keeping us safe because we cannot prove that we would’ve been attacked again.  No, Kirsten, we can’t see what might have happened if we would’ve traveled a different road after September 11th.  All I know is that we ARE still safe, and that is why I am saying thank you President George W. Bush.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

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  1. nancy on

    I Think President Bush is a great man. I am thankful he kept us safe. He kept America moral and did what he thought was the best for his people.
    He and Laura will be missed. They added class and true spirituality to America.

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