Huckabee vs. Coulter: Huckabee Wins

While some people were looking forward to the championship BCS bowl game, I was awaiting this weekend’s episode of FOX News’ Huckabee.  One of his guests was Republican columnist, commentator, and author Ann Coulter who was nothing less than brutal to Huckabee in the 2008 presidential primaries.

Ms. Coulter represents what happened quite frequently during the primaries; Mike Huckabee’s successful almost eleven year record as governor of Arkansas was battered and distorted with half-truths.  The Republican establishment, conservative media, Club for Growth, and the echo chamber blogoshpere such as loved to paint his record in any light that they wanted without studying the facts.  Their arrogant attitude saw Huckabee as being from the wrong side of the Republican tracks.  He didn’t graduate from an Ivy League school, he didn’t cozy up to the Beltway group, and he fought for main street instead of Wall Street with his “populist” message.  These people were more concerned with power rather than conservative principles and didn’t recognize that it was the heart and soul of the GOP who would crawl across broken glass for this man.

Huckabee starts out the interview by mentioning the liberal media and their harsh treatment of Sarah Palin.  Coulter readily agrees, and then she is blindsided when Huckabee has her view clips of herself bashing him, a fellow conservative.  There is bias on the right and it can be more damaging than the bias on the left.  (Other conservative media talking heads such as Rush, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity should also take note.)  I never thought that I would see someone get the best of Ann Coulter, but I believe history has been made and Huckabee cleared up the facts for her.  Notice that after being backed in the corner at the end of the interview, she attempts to blame the liberal media for her mischaracterizations.  Give me a break and eat some crow, Ann Coulter.


In an earlier post I promoted Huck PAC’s National Volunteer Team, and now the number of volunteers has grown to 2,000.  This is an outstanding achievement in eleven days, but they are still looking for more.  Please sign up here to get involved in this national grassroots effort to support conservative candidates in the elections ahead.


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  1. Gregg Jackson on

    When coulter accused Huckabee of not being “conservative enough” for her to support.

    He missed a golden opportunity to ask her why she endorsed the man who illegally instituted sodomy “marriage” and established abortion with a 50 dollar copay as a “healthcare benefit,” Mitt Romney who she said was “manifestly our best candidate.”

    Coulter is a total fraud and media whore who is essentially a liberal in many ways posing as a conservative.

    Scarry that people are still lapping up her vomit she spews…

  2. MIKE HAWK on


  3. […] icon Ann Coulter on his FOX News show to dicuss her new book, Guilty, he took the opportunity to confront her on her lies and distortions that she spread about him during the 2008 presidential primary season.  When she stated to his […]

  4. Thom on

    Huckabee was not, and is still not, a full spectrum conservative, no matter how much his supporters (or Huckabee) can spin his record as Governor, or his economic populism that artificially divided “main street” from “Wall Street”. Stay away, Republicans.

    • MRR on


      Nice to see you are still spouting the talking points from the Club for Greed from the past primary. If there is anyone guilty of spinning Governor Huckabee’s record it is the CFG and its country club donors.

      He left the state of Arkansas with a huge surplus after taking over the governorship in which he inherited tremendous debt. You don’t rob the future to pay for today. Did you know his few tax increases were either voter approved or mandated by the courts? Any Republican would wish to have Huckabee’s record as Governor where he battled with a lopsided Democratic majority but still did more for conservatism than most conservatives.

      “Artificially” divided main street from Wall Street? Where have you been the past eight months? If you really believe that than you must be a resident on Wall Street.

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