Huckabee This Weekend: Springer and Coulter

Yesterday Lauren Green, Religion Correspondent for FOX News and keyboard player for “The Little Rockers” on Huckabee wrote a post about last week’s show that welcomed James Burton and Rick Stanley.  She also announced that this week’s “explosive episode” would include Ann Coulter and Jerry Springer.

I’ll admit that one of my guilty pleasure in the 90s was watching the Springer show.  I watched it for awhile until I realized that most episodes were alike and usually ended in a similar way.  Kind of like watching Survivor or The Biggest Loser nowadays; you just aren’t surprised or engrossed with the show as much as you used to be.  Huckabee usually pulls some interesting information out of his guests, so I wonder what Springer will be all about.

I am more interested, however, in the other guest, Ann Coulter.  While I believe that she has valid points, I also think that she has diarrhea of the mouth.  Good points that are taken way too far until they alienate everyone except the hard-core and kool-aid drinking conservatives.  What is the point in having intelligent and spot-on opinions if you twerk off the opposition so much that they won’t even hear you out long enough for them to realize that they agree with you?  I am also curious of how she will behave with Governor Huckabee because her treatment of him during the primaries was pitiful.

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