Huckabee’s Current Successes

Since ending his presidential campaign in March of 2008, Mike Huckabee has not slowed down too much.  In April he launched Huck PAC, which is dedicated to finding and supporting conservative candidates seeking all levels of office.  Following that, he launched the Vertical Politics Institute which will become a think tank for promoting conservative issues.

Next, he began to venture into the media in order to discuss the issues.  At the end of September his TV show Huckabee debuted on FOX News and has been one of the highest ranking new shows on that network.  In October the show reached #1 status with 2,316,000 viewers for one episode.  In November, his book Do the Right Thing hit the shelves while Huckabee went on a fifty-six city book tour.  The book is currently in its sixth week in the top ten of the New York Times Best Seller List.  He has started 2009 off by launching his new radio show The Huckabee Report on the ABC Radio Network.  Time will tell if this avenue will also be as successful as his others.


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