Rick Warren on a Wing and a Prayer

Another controversy with Rick Warren and the inauguration has been stirring recently.  As the flare-up over him being invited to the invocation blows over, a new grumbling about how he will do the prayer is beginning.  Will Warren pray to the God he knows as a Christian and do the invocation in Jesus’ name, or will he pray to the universal “god” of all religions?

It doesn’t really matter to the radicals on the left whose name is invoked during the prayer since addressing anything more substantial than the wind would offend them.  These would be the same types who believe in tolerance but yet stomp on a elderly lady’s cross in protest to Prop 8 in California.  The same types of people who believe in freedom of choice and non-discrimination and not crossing religion with government, but yet go after a church that won’t rent locale for a civil union in New Jersey and Christian doctors in California who won’t artificially inseminate a lesbian.  I will not waste my breath in trying to figure out what these nutballs want from the invocation.

There are other people, however, who want one simple thing from Rick Warren two weeks from today.  They want him to pray for President-Elect Barack Obama and the future of the United States of America in the one name that Christians know needs to be addressed in order for that prayer to mean anything to God.  That would be the name of Jesus.  Go ahead and let the protests begin, whether it be from the left or from those representing other religions, but one must remember an important thing.  Our next leader has claimed to be saved by Christ and has invited an evangelical to do the invocation.  There should be no surprises.  Unless, it is Warren’s own tribe that is surprised.


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