Huckabee’s National Volunteer Team (and launch of The Huckabee Report)

At the beginning of the new year, Governor Mike Huckabee and Huck PAC have launched a National Volunteer Team.  He is expanded the grassroots work in his PAC and is locating members in every county in every state to assist the endorsed candidates.  Huckabee knows that there is a lot at stake in future elections for the GOP.

Our country needs conservative leadership now more than ever. Important issues are at stake: tax reform, controlling spending, the 2nd Amendment, sanctity of life, traditional marriage and much more.

Huck Pac’s goal for the team when it launched on the first of the year was to identify 500 volunteers by January 15th, but reached a staggering 828 volunteers in just four hours.  As of now, the volunteer count is well over 1,200 with all states represented.  The strongest showings are in the states of Texas, Georgia, and Florida.  The states will be broken up into regions and a coordinator will be contacting volunteers.

If you would like to be a part of this exciting and ground breaking opportunity to further the conservative cause, fill out the volunteer information here.  You can also help out by spreading the word to others and also by joining Huck PAC’s facebook group.

I also would like to remind you of the debut of The Huckabee Report today.  It is his twice a day radio commentary on the ABC Radio Network.  Listen to it on your local ABC station, get it on demand, or download the show from the web.  You can also join The Huckabee Report facebook page.

For all information on Mike Huckabee, go to his website or join his facebook page or follow him on Twitter.


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