Merry Christmas and the Wedding Ring Lady

This will be my last post before Christmas, so what a more appropriate time to share some insane stories of how it is no long acceptable to celebrate the season as a Christian holiday.  First, there is the incident in Mississippi where a sixth-grader was penalized by the teacher for using the name Jesus in his poem that was supposed to be about what Christmas meant to him.  Next, there was the case in Florida where an employee in a property management company was fired for insubordination when she did not answer the phones by saying “Happy Holidays”.  With examples like this, I agree with what Governor Huckabee said during a recent interview.

It’s perfectly legitimate in our culture today to engage in outright persecution against Christians with seemingly no social penalty for doing it, whether it’s tearing a cross out of a lady’s hand in California who happened to support Proposition 8 or the denigration of Christian values by not allowing even the traditional Christmas carols to be sung at a school. Regardless of whether someone adheres to faith, one cannot escape the cultural implications of those hymns and the Christmas holiday on the American way of life. … [W]e shouldn’t have special rules for everybody but Christians and then those rules are pushed and we become the persecuted.

In Huckabee’s last show before Christmas, he clarified in his closing statement why Christmas is so special to him and many others.  Also during this episode he finally connected with Christina Timko, the lady who donated her wedding ring to his campaign almost a year ago.  During the segment, Huckabee returned her ring and also gave her a special Christmas gift.  What a way to start the Christmas holiday.

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and I could not go without leaving you with this…..

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