Don’t Let Up on the Fair Tax!

One of the things that confused me the most when I started following Mike Huckabee was the Fair Tax that he supports.  As time went on, I began to understand it more and more and began to see how much sense it really makes.  Just think about it… more penalizing of productivity… more IRS.  I know that this is a description of the Fair Tax in its most basic form, but it is the underlying premise of it.  This system of taxation on consumption instead of productivity supplies the government with the money needed to operate and gives the most opportunities for people at all levels to succeed.  The Fair Tax allows the most people to live the American dream, and Huckabee’s latest blog reaffirms his unwavering support of it.

To those who speculate whether I should back off support of the Fair Tax, don’t bother. I won’t. I’m convinced we could begin to work out of our economic nightmare if our political leaders had the guts to do something about the Fair Tax rather than create monster debts for our children with unconstitutional bailouts for private businesses.

But get ready, because Washington would not be happy with implementing the Fair Tax.  Why?  Because they would lose control of being able to take as much money from you as they wanted in order to fulfill their own selfish endeavours.  Visit the Fair Tax website for more information.

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