Rebuilding with New Leaders

Governor Mike Huckabee took some time out of his busy schedule to talk with CitizenLink and answer a few questions.  In one answer he evaluates reasons why the Republicans lost, which sums up what happens when the party tries to move to the center.  Huckabee points out that we must keep our promises of lower taxes and less spending while standing firm on our values.

What we saw was the Republican Party forgot what it’s supposed to stand for. When we were clear and we had convictions that we were able to articulate with a sense of clarity, we won. In fact, we would win not only the White House, but we would win a majority of the governors and state legislators and the House and Senate.

We started getting mushy and really lost our way and became a party divided. And more importantly, we started dismiss(ing) the pro-life group and dismissed those who believe in traditional marriage as sort of a fringe group. We’re not fringe. We represent the mainstream and the heart of America.

During the past presidential primary season the heart and soul of the party were disappointed in a lot of the traditional leaders and their abandonment of conservative principles, especially the social issues,  that is contributing to the downfall of the party.  In his book Do the Right Thing Huckabee mentions a new wave of conservative leaders who “began to emerge as prophetic voices who broke with the old guard, determined to follow their convictions.”  I will list some of these new leaders and their websites because I believe they need our support since they supported the issues.

Janet Folger, Faith 2 Action
Steve Strang, Strang Communications
Rick Scarborough, Vision America
Mat Staver, Liberty Council
Donald Wildmon, American Family Association
Dick Bott, Bott Radio Network
Tim and Beverly LaHaye, Tim LaHaye Ministries, Concerned Women For America
David Barton, WallBuilders


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