More on Saltsman for RNC Chair

I have gathered some more information on Chip Saltsman’s campaign for the RNC chair.  (I had stated earlier that my second choice for this position was Michael Steele, but it seems like he has a more middle of the road approach to the future of the GOP that is a bit discerning.)  Saltsman has been flying around in his small four seater plane meeting with members of the RNC.  In a conference call to bloggers he stressed the importance of  the online community and the grassroots, the 2010 elections, his successes, his views on illegal immigration, and the bailouts which he believes the federal government should have no part in.

Chip Saltsman gave an exclusive interview to The Tolbert Report in which he outlines some of his plans for the GOP such as the “Blue State Plan–focus on every state” and starting from the ground up by winning the state elections, because that is where the party has achieved the most successes.  He discussed his representation of the generational change in the Republican party and that the party needs to return to its conservative principles and stand firm on issues of life and traditional marriage.  Saltsman has to win the majority of the 168 votes of the RNC and he has already met with 35 of them and has spoken to another 90 on the phone.

You can follow Chip Saltsman on Facebook and on Twitter.  The three people in each state who vote on the RNC chair are the National Committeeman and Committeewoman and the state party chair.  You can find that information here.  Let your voices be heard.

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  1. Rev. George Brooks on

    Chip Saltsman is “typical Tennessee White Trash.” Having grown up here in Tennessee, but to my great benefit spent 40 years away in California, New York and elsewhere, on returning here after retirement I have found that many whites still possess the mindset of Tennessee when it was part of the Confederate States of America. In fact, they still proudly think about, talk about, and display evidence and events of that period, continuously. And still continue to think of ALL blacks as being low and beneath them, including Barack Obama.

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