Huckabee’s Words of Wisdom

Some people have a problem walking and chewing gum at the same time, but evidently not Mike Huckabee who conducted an interview while engaging in his book signing of Do the Right Thing.  He had time to weigh in on the bailouts, Obama, and Libertarianism.

These words of wisdom should not be taken lightly since back in October of 2007 Huckabee had this do say about the economy during a Republican debate in Dearborn, Michigan.

“I want to make sure people understand that for many people on this stage the economy is doing terrifically well, but for a lot of Americans it’s not doing so well.  The people who handle the bags and make the beds at our hotels and serve the food, many of them are having to work two jobs. And that’s barely paying the rent.”

Those other people on stage with him with the exception of one had very different views of how the economy was doing.  Huckabee was beat up by the media and talking heads for his stance on the sputtering economy, but I wonder who was correct back then now that it has been said that we have been in a recession since December 2007?  You be the judge.


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