Joe the Bus Driver

The recent coming out of the closet of Joe the Plumber’s real feelings about McCain’s support of the $700 billion bailout have been the most refreshing thing out of his short political career.  He’s got a new book out and he stated in an interview that “he wanted to get off  the bus” after asking McCain why he supported the bailout.

I am going to confess that by November 4th I was so sick of hearing about JTP that it wouldn’t bother me if I ever heard from him again.  I don’t want to be too hard on the guy since it was not his plan that asking one question would propel him into the national spotlight and it wasn’t really him I was nauseated with.  It was more the fact that the JTP  issue was McCain’s last desperate attempt at an economic message and he beat it to death.

I will also throw it out there that Joe’s opinions of McCain seem quite opportunistic due to the fact that his book was not yet finished when we knew the election results.  Would Joe be saying the same thing about McCain if he had won?  I don’t know what is in Joe’s heart, but I sure hope he is sincere because he may have just backed his wheels over John McCain in order to sell books.  Just a thought.


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