Wedding Ring Lady FOUND

This is a true story that Mike Huckabee tells every chance he gets.  He told it again at Iowa’s State GOP convention in July and had grown men weeping.  Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably already know this story but I will give you the summary of it anyway.

When Huckabee was campaigning in Michigan last winter a woman came up to him and pressed something in his hand.  She told him that her and her husband wanted to give it to him to help his campaign because it was all they had to give.  When he opened his hand he saw that she had given him her wedding ring.  He wanted to give it back to her but she was already lost in the crowd.  Huckabee has been searching for this lady ever since so he can return her ring.

Recently a supporter from Michigan reviewed the video that was taken at that campaign event and noticed that the lady who gave the ring was in the video and said her name.  This supporter along with another supporter from Iowa put the pieces together and searched for the name and found her!  They gave the information to Huckabee and now Christina Timko, the wedding ring lady, will be on Huckabee next week.


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  1. Maxine on

    Wow, what an amazing story. I could read articles like this all day. I am so glad Gov. Huckabee ran for president, otherwise there would not be alot of wholesome stories such as these to read.

  2. […] Christmas is so special to him and many others.  Also during this show he finally connected with Christina Timko, the lady who donated her wedding ring to his campaign almost a year ago.  During the segment, […]

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