This and That in the Huckabee World

Since I haven’t covered anything that has been on the FOX show Huckabee, I wanted to take time and catch up with a couple of my favorite closing thoughts from the show.  The first one is “Barack Obama, my President” which illustrates Mike Huckabee’s ability to appeal to more than just conservatives, and the other one is “When Chistman Brings Out the Worst in People.”  Let’s have some fun with that one and play a game of Where’s the Floating Cross instead of Where’s Waldo.  Remember, I’m from Iowa so Huckabee’s Merry Christmas ad and the floating cross controversy are cemented into my head.

The next thing I would like to highlight are great places to build grassroots efforts for Governor Huckabee.  The first one is Huck’s Army and the next one is the Mike Huckabee 2012 Fan Club.  There is also Save for Mike where supporters can save back money to be used for 2012 donations if he chooses to run for President of the United States again.


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