Club for Greed at it Again

Just when you thought the feud between Mike Huckabee and The Club for Growth was at a standstill, think again.  Huckabee’s book, Do the Right Thing, has stirred up his opposition and the leader of that pack is CFG.  They posted an article by John Fund yesterday that was uninformed and untrue.  Perhaps it is because the author had not read the book yet, which seems to be common thread among all of the critics.  What Club for Growth fails to recognize is that their ideas may look good on paper but they don’t always work when they have to be applied.  Mike Huckabee had to do what worked while being governor of Arkansas while being fiscally conservative and not creating debt.  What also makes CFG no longer credible is that they backed Mitt Romney this past primary season who imposed a liberal mandated health care plan similar to HillaryCare as governor of Massachusetts, and he also raised taxes by $700 million dollars in his state but called them “fees” instead so he still could be labeled a conservative.

Adam Graham has give an excellent rebuttel to the article that The Club for Growth highlighted:

Do the Right Thing-Ignore False Reviews
By Adam Graham

December 3, 2008
Six months ago, I wrote a scathing critique of National Review’s treatment of Mike Huckabee and warned that there is media bias from those on the right. To my surprise, I found that piece was quoted by Governor Huckabee in his latest book, “Do the Right Thing.” What I shouldn’t be surprised by is that my point in June is being illustrated by media organizations who want to paint the book as something it’s not.

The book has largely been decried as Mike Huckabee settling scores. Many wags have shook their fingers at Huckabee for dividing the party at the time it most needs to be united. Apparently, that would be a few weeks after the election. Huckabee avoided……

Read the rest of the article here.


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