Huckabee Iowa Interview

 Steve Deace from WHO radio out of Des Moines, Iowa, interviewed Governor Mike Huckabee yesterday on his show Deace in the Afternoon.  Huckabee was interviewed via cell phone while he was on his Do the Right Thing book tour en route from Alabama to Mississippi.  The governor has not been on this radio show since the day after he captured the Iowa Caucuses.

Steve Deace started the interview by pointing out that the book has debuted at #5 on the New York Time’s Best Seller List and that the crowds on the book tour have been huge.  Huckabee added that the message of common sense conservatism in the book is “really resonating with the people.”  When it was mentioned that the reviews of the book have not been fair because most of the book is about specific policy proposals and not attacks on former opponents, Huckabee said that he was not surprised because he noted that people who reviewed the book admitted to him that they were just “reviewing the reviews.”

When asked about calling out people by name, Huckabee said that he had to do that if he was going to have any credibility with his audience.  He claimed that he is known as “plain spoken” and not to “sugar coat” things, so he had to tell the truth about the campaign trail but that it is not “mean spirited.”  Huckabee also added that while some may object to him naming names, no one has yet to challenge the truthfulness of the book.

When it comes to criticisms about his book, Huckabee brought up the Hugh Hewitt interview and said that he blew Hewitt’s anti-Mormon accusation “out of the water” when he pointed out that he has twice on his FOX tv show Huckabee gave kudos to the Mormon church for its support of Prop 8 in California.  Huckabee said that Mormons are very conservative and stand for traditional marriage and the sanctity of life, and that if all of their members stuck to that then maybe there wouldn’t have been a problem with Mitt Romney this primary season.  When Deace brought up the failure of Chistian leaders to back him in his presidential run, Huckabee responded that he felt that he needed to tell the truth on the “why” they wouldn’t back him even though he came from them and had already run for office, because he knew that a lot of people sensed something was going on.

In this interview Huckabee also touches on that as time goes on, he has felt vindicated in the positions he took on certain issues during his campaign, such as the economy and Pakistan.  During the primaries he said that the economy was “starting to sputter” and the Wall Street Journal and National Review beat him up for it, but now it has come true.  He also said that he predicted that Pakistan would be our “greatest threat to peace and the greatest threat of terrorism” in an article he wrote for Foreign Affairs which some in the Republican establishment ridiculed, but now look at what has happened in Mumbai.  On the current bailout issue he stated that he has been one of the few ferociously against it because it is “unconstitutional for the government to pick winners and losers in the market place” and had John McCain also protested it, he could have won the election.

Steve Deace also questioned Mike about what the establishment is saying about him now, and Huckabee says that nothing has changed because they want people like us “to dry up and blow away.”  He also pointed out that this is the subject of one of his favorite chapters “Politically Homeless” where he discusses that pro-life and pro-family people came to the Republican party for these two issues and if we go “soft” on them, that is when we lose.  His advice to the Republican party nationally and for Iowa is that we have to “stay true to being pro-life, pro-family, lower taxes, and being for moms and dads and not government.”  Because if we get “squishy” on those topics, people will not believe in us or our promises any more because it is “not just about elections, but about principles.”  Of course, Deace brought up the 2012 prospect for Huckabee and he said, “I’m not going to close the door on it.”  Right now he would like to focus on defining himself and his message instead of someone like the Club for Growth doing it for him.

You can listen to the entire interview here.


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