Keep Out: Members Only

Doesn’t this title remind you of seeing a kid’s playhouse with those words on a sign nailed to the front door?  You know, it’s written in some juvenile scrawl in red marker with the “b” backwards.  Can you picture it?  The Republicans stole this idea and are using it to determine who is eligible to run for the RNC chair this cycle.  I wrote an earlier post proclaiming my support of Chip Saltsman for the position, but there is another person who vying for the spot who I also would be happy with:  Michael Steele.  He is the former lieutenant governor of Maryland and, like Saltsman, is a solid conservative with strong grassroots ties.  The Washington Times recently ran an article that included excerpts from an email that was sent to Mr. Steele from one of the RNC members from North Dakota, Curly Haugland.  Here are the excerpts from that email:

“For this association of members to choose to outsource its leadership would, I believe, be an abdication of our responsibility.”

“In my estimation, 168 committed members of the Republican National Committee are a powerful army of qualified advocates for Republican principles; certainly much more threatening to the Democrats than one celebrity spokesman.”

“Your chosen path to leadership of the Republican National Committee exemplifies the problem we should immediately seek to resolve, that being the practice of allowing nonmembers to exert undue influence in the process of selecting our leaders.”

“Getting the Republican Party back on the right ‘track’ is a job rightfully left to the Republicans who have been elected to run this railroad.”

Mr. Haugland called on Michael Steele to quit the RNC chairman race because he was not an RNC member and that the objection also applied to Chip Saltsman for the same reason. 

With the locks on the country club doors the Republican party will be headed into another beating in 2010.  It was this good ole boys club that handed the GOP their losses the last two election cycles and it looks like with this snotty, arrogant attitude they will be wandering in the wilderness a little longer.  The elitism here is astounding and they fail to see that a voice from the outside who has been in the trenches with the grassroots would open up the party to new possibilities and fresh ideas.  The engineers who derail the train aren’t usually the ones who are picked to “run this railroad.”  Time for some new engineers.


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