Give Thanks: Jesus Edges Out Santa

My 1st grade daughter brought home a list she made yesterday of things to be thankful for.  I can’t give her all of the credit for thinking up these thirteen things because she told me that the students gave suggestions for the list and the teacher wrote them on the board for them.  She also told me that there weren’t in any particular order, but I have to wonder about that.  Here is her list:

1.   mom  (I’ve got a big head about that one)
2.   dad
3.   brother
4.   dog
5.   house
6.   Jesus/God  (yes, she goes to a public school)
7.   Santa  (take that, St. Nick!)
8.   love
9.   teacher
10. food
11. school
12. ME!  (so far the liberals haven’t got the “me first” drilled into her head yet) 
13. friends

I’m going to “ditto” that list, but mine would be in a different order.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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