Chip Saltsman for RNC Chair

Draft Chip Saltsman for RNC Chairman

In the end of January the Republican National Committee will pick their new chairman.  My support goes out to former Tennessee Republian Party Chairman and former Mike Huckabee Campaign Manager, Chip Saltsman.  While he headed the Tennessee GOP he handed Al Gore a loss in his home state and Saltsman was one of the main components of the Huckaboom.  He is the youngest of the RNC chair contenders and has a bright future in the Republican party. 

Saltsman is an authentic conservative who can reunite the party and has the knowledge of how to energize the base and also how to reach out to new voters.  The Republican party is in desperate need of someone who knows how to utilize the grassroots movement and expand it to the internet and the bloggers.  The Democrats are way ahead of us on that one and we will continue to fall behind if we do not invade this area.  Saltsman knows how to utilize this type of campaign and can do it successfully on a shoestring budget, which is another area the GOP has to improve on.  If Saltsman could do so much with so little, just think what he could do as RNC Chairman.  He represents the traditional values of the Republican party while having his eyes set on the future.  I have included Chip Saltsman’s Plan for Republican Victory that he has given out to members of the Republican National Committee.  Good luck, Chip!


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