Gary Bauer, the Pharisee

It is apparent that prominent evangelical leader Gary Bauer is in the process of reading Mike Huckabee’s book Do the Right Thing.  Bauer submitted his first press release after the Time article about the book hit the press and gave him a heads up about Huckabee comparing Bauer’s objections to his candidacy to “playing Whac-a-Mole at the arcade.”  He then evidently started reading the book and inevitable stumbled on Huckabee labeling him as “politically clueless” due to Bauer forsaking social issues for national security issues, because he issued a second statement a couple of days later.  Too avoid looking uninformed, maybe he should have read the whole book before making any sort of statement.  I’m wondering how many more press releases he will give.  After all, those that get backed into the corner with the mirror of truth often have a lot of explaining to do.

Gary Bauer has been a leader in the pro-life and pro-family movement since the 80s.  Life, marriage, and family have been the focus of most of his life’s work, so why in the 2008 presidential election did he turn his back on these social issues?  Bauer passed over Mike Huckabee, who was the only 100% pro-family and pro-life candidate left in the presidential race at that time, to endorse Senator John McCain.  Huckabee not only talked the talk of a values focused candidate, but he walked the walk.  He passed both a marriage amendment and human life amendment as governor of Arkansas with a Democratic legislature.  Opposite of Huckabee, John McCain did not support a national human life amendment and voted against the federal marriage amendment and called it “un-Republican.”  It is very evident that Gary Bauer sold out the pro-life and pro-family issues for a seat at the table.  He stated in his first press release that he chose McCain because of national security issues.  In his second statement, after finally opening Huckabee’s book, he back peddled and gave other reasons for his endorsement when he realizes Huckabee nails Bauer’s group for “losing focus on its focus.”

Mike Huckabee had proven to be a viable candidate when Gary Bauer made his presidential pick.  Instead of choosing the candiate who embodied everything the Christian conservative community that Bauer represented stood for, he chose to be a  kingmaker with a candidate had worked against the issues that are the primary focus of Bauer’s group: life, marriage, and family.  An evangelical leader is supposed to lead in the area of traditional values and furthur their cause instead of anointing the next President of the United States.  Gary Bauers’ excuses are weak and petty.  Could it also be that he was a little jealous of Mike Huckabee’s success and didn’t want him to get any farther since Bauer had a previous failed presidential bid?  All of these things lead to this………and the Pharisees said to Pilate, “Crucify him.”

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