Holy Cow! The Huck-a-Bus Has Come and Gone

What would bring so many Iowans out of their warm houses on a freezing November night?  The same thing that inspired them to drag their butts off of their couches on the sub-zero night of January 3rd:  their support of Mike Huckabee and conservative values.  One would think that after a roller coaster election season that has lasted more than fifteen months for Iowans and ended in bitter Republican defeats plagued with party in-fighting most people would not find having a political book signed by a former presidential candidate high on their priority list.  But someone forgot to tell the base of the party that they have been left for dead while mods in the GOP continue to argue that it must move to the center to win elections.  Really, win elections without these people and these issues?

At the Cedar Rapids event at Barnes and Noble it has been reported that between 600-800 showed up for the Do the Right Thing book signing over the noon hour yesterday.  And at the Des Moines event that same night at Sam’s Club that number of people were already there one half hour into the event.  What is easy to see is that Huckabee still has the base support, but now he is also shaking hands with liberals on his FOX tv show and will be reaching out to millions of other Americans on his radio show The Huckabee Report.  I have paid attention to the media and the blogoshpere and I am fully aware of the ridicule and hatred that a few have directed towards Huckabee and those who believe that focusing on the social issues is what can make the government fiscally conservative.  All I can say is “bring it on” because that means we must be above the target.  Don’t kid yourself for one minute that the Republican party does not need candidates like Mike Huckabee or voters like these to get our conservative message out.

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  1. IowaPatriot on

    It was great to have Mike back in the state of Iowa! It was also great to see how many people were there to see him. You would never know by the crowds yesterday that the election was over and Huckabee wasn’t still campaigning. The talk in the lines was about a 2012 run. I even heard one mother introduce Mike to her small daughter as the person who would be President in 2012. It was heartwarming and yet bittersweet to hear of people who supported other candidates in the primaries who now love Huckabee and are asking how the Republican party could let this guy get away? When Mike does decide to run again, Iowa will be ready! Let’s hope the rest of America gets it right next time.

  2. Granny T on

    Thanks for the news. WOW! That’s a lot of people wanting autographs! No wonder Huckabee loves Iowa – Iowa loves him!

    Please lead the grassroots conservative movement again in 2012. Huckabee will have the name recognition then and you might help America to see the light.

  3. Dale Davis on

    When is Mike going to be in Springfield Mo.

  4. MRR on


    Mike was in Springfield on the 21st. Here is the book tour schedule.


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