The Huck-a-Bus is Almost Here

Tonight I will be attending Mike Huckabee’s book signing event for Do the Right Thing in Des Moines, Iowa.  Yes, I am proud to be an Iowan and proud to be the home of the First in the Nation Caucus. I have heard that the title of the first chapter in Huckabee’s new book is called “I Love Iowa”. This book has been receiving a lot of press already, but mostly because of the part of the book where Huckabee calls out rivals and non-supporters. I’ll take it though, because it is getting the book noticed and the more people who buy the book the more people who will read Huckabee’s message about getting the Republican party back on track.

I will give an account tomorrow of the book signing. Until then, check out this great bumper sticker that you can get from this website that is raising money for Mike Huckabee. Pretty amazing.


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