Huckabee’s “Do the Right Thing”: Honest and Unplugged

Today is when Governor Mike Huckabee’s anxiously awaited new book Do the Right Thing hits the shelves.  Yesterday Time released an article giving a preview of the book that got the blogesphere worked up because it paints Huckabee’s book as a way to settle scores with his past rivals and non-supporters.  First of all, I would like to thank Time for proving once again that the old saying “no press is bad press” is very true.  This book has been shooting up the book sales chart on Amazon and is still climbing.  Second, I need to point out that this book is not about Huckabee settling scores or reliving campaign moments.  It’s about what worked and didn’t work on the campaign trail.  It’s a behind the scenes look at the competition for the most important job in America.  And most importantly, it is about the truth.  Unfiltered, to the point, and sometimes painful truth about the Republican party and its path from the center back to its core principles.  There have been critics step forward about how Huckabee has handled the truth in his book, but no one has yet disputed him on what he says is the truth.

On a blogger conference call yesterday with the governor I got a chance to hear him answer our questions and give us insight into the book.  Huckabee made it clear to us that the central theme in his book is the importance of the social issues and how their deterioration is directly related to government.  He also said that in his book he “uses his presidential campaign as a backdrop to demonstrate where the GOP needs to go from here without losing the conservative principles of less government, lower taxes, sanctity of life, and traditional marriage.”  He explained to us that these principles are the “what” we believe, but now we have to do a better job of explaining “why” we believe that they are what is best for our nation.  I also believe that our party needs to do a much better job of unifying around our core issues and values and taking it to the people with reasons and solutions.  There is nothing wrong with our message, we just need some better messengers.  Thanks for being one of those messengers, governor, and hang on to that smiley-face ring because you might need it again.


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  1. David Anderson on

    Mike Huckabee left so many golden moments from the campaign on tape that it is hard to believe that his new book could be equal to them in quality. It is. It is a great book by a great man. Every American should read it.

  2. Larry on

    Mike Huckabee is certainly one of a kind. He actually wants to do a good job, he wants to govern the people and do the job they elect him to do. That was his purpose in Arkansas and that will be his job if he is elected in 2012.

    There is one thing becoming very apparent, even this early after Obama has won and we turn our attention to 2012. Mike Huckabee, as good a man and candidate as he is, faces a very steep, uphill climb to win the Republican nomination for President. I am not saying he can’t get it done, but in the last few days, I have been surprised at the venom and hate that is being thrown his way. It’s not a very pleasant sight and I just hope it is not a pretense to things to come.

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