Those are the chants that were heard at the Fair Tax rally that thousands of people attended in Georgia yesterday.  Winner of Georgia’s 2008 primary, Governor Mike Huckabee, was there not only to join in the support for the Fair Tax but also to stump for Republican incumbent U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss.  Senator Chambliss also backs the Fair Tax and is in a run-off election on December 2nd with Democratic challenger Jim Martin.  Huckabee was there supporting Chambliss not only because he wants to have the Fair Tax supported in the US Senate but also because the Democrats are only three seats away from achieving their super majority, and Chambliss’ seat is one of the three contested Republican seats still up for grabs.

The senator’s challenger, Jim Martin, has spent millions of dollars lying about the Fair Tax in order to discredit Chambliss’ tax stances.  The Fair Tax raises the federal sales tax but will abolish the national income tax and will revive a failing economy and keep jobs in the United States.  Mr. Martin’s attack ads try to discredit Senator Chambliss’ fiscal conservatism by saying that he wants to raise the national sales tax but leaves out that he also wants to close the doors on the IRS.  It is a heated battle and voter turn-out on the Republican side is imperative for the senator’s re-election and Huckabee got the crowd fired up to go out and vote for Saxby Chambliss.

Also at the rally were radio talk show host Neil Boortz and Congressman John Linder who co-authored The Fair Tax Book.  In a CNN interview last week with Rick Sanchez, Neil Boortz put his support behind Governor Huckabee for the next leader of the GOP.

SANCHEZ: If — you’re not a Republican, but if you were to tag yourself in that area…


SANCHEZ: …you’d be the fiscal kind, right? You’re not a social…

BOORTZ: I’m a social — I’m pretty much a social liberal. I’m a fiscal conservative.

SANCHEZ: A fiscal conservative.

BOORTZ: And if I had to pick a Republican candidate right now…

SANCHEZ: It wouldn’t be Sarah Palin, then?

BOORTZ: No, it wouldn’t be. It would be Mike Huckabee.

SANCHEZ: Mike Huckabee.



BOORTZ: And I’m going to be with him this weekend at a fair tax rally, by the way, Governor Sanford.


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