Huckabee Dominates the Media

First a new book, then a FOX tv show, and now you will hear Mike Huckabee on the radio.  He has signed with the ABC Radio Networks and The Huckabee Report will be on the air beginning January 5, 2009.  It will air mornings and afternoons with Huckabee relaying the top news of the day while drawing on his experience as fomer governor of Arkansas and presidential candidate.  The Gipper would be proud.  This statement from a press release is why I think this show will be valuable for us everyday Americans.

Huckabee will discuss the top stories of the day in a way that will “speak directly to where the listeners are.” He will discuss news “from a perspective that touches the listeners at the dinner table at night. That’s the goal — not to be esoteric or talk about it from the ivory towers of Washington but to talk about how it’s going to affect the person driving to work today, not knowing if this is the last day they are going to have their job.”

Maybe I won’t always have to turn off conservative media like I posted about below.  Hallelujah!!!!


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