The Folded-up Flag

Today is Veteran’s Day.  A day in which all veterans should be honored, both living and deceased.  The best piece of advice I got growing up is that whenever you see a person in uniform or know that a person has served our country, you should go up to them and say “thank you”.  I will be passing this this advice along to my children as well, because I believe it to be very important to recognize those who fight for our freedom.

I am a child of a veteran of the Korean War.  My dad served in Korea and he didn’t have a choice to enter the military, but the people today do.  They willingly go to defend our country.  My dad wasn’t a parent yet when he was drafted, but a lot of men and women today are moms and dads that choose to leave their families behind to face the unknown and go to battle for complete strangers.  They are putting their country ahead of everything and everyone else in their lives because they know it is the ultimate service they can provide to secure America for their children and their children’s children.  

My dad lived well past his service in Korea, and at his funeral men in uniform played Taps and folded up the American flag that was draped on top of the casket and presented it to my mom.  No words can describe the amount of pride that I felt as that ceremony took place.  Not only do I want to say thank you to all of those who have served our country, but I also want to thank their families as well.  Thank you for supporting the decision their loved ones have made to protect us.  Hopefully the folded-up flag for families will not happen for a long time yet, but when it does, cherish it and know that it represents a sacrifice for freedom.


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