Huckabee: A Fiscal Conservative

It is well known that Governor Mike Huckabee is a social conservative.  What his vocal non-supporters like to point out, however, is that he is a fiscal liberal.  Not so.  First of all, social and fiscal conservatism are not separate but tied together.  If we do not have a strong, moral society that promotes and supports the traditional values of life and family, we will have a society that is dependent on the government to take care of them.  Relying on the government to take over where society has failed is expensive and it is not a solution……it is a quick fix.  Social conservatism is the foundation of fiscal conservatism.

I also stumbled upon an article that gives sound argument as to why Huckabee should be labeled a fiscal conservative just by his record as governor.  He not only cut taxes and balanced the budget for the state of Arkansas in his tenure as governor, he also found a way to save money for the state in his tax raises.  Some of these tax raises were actually court mandated so Huckabee really didn’t have a choice (plus he was face with a Democratic legislature who could veto at anytime), but he was actually helping out the state long term with these raises because the results from them would require less government assistance in the future.  Huckabee also believed that the next generation in Arkansas should not be put into debt for the decisions made today.

Gov. Huckabee was relatively unknown when the manner in which he connected with voters, his sincerity and his steady determination caught on. But being relatively unknown, far less conservative competitors were able to raise doubts about his fiscal conservatism.

But his record shows another story. Gov. Huckabee is a true fiscal as well as a social conservative. The programs he proposed, such as arts education, a program that has been shown to be effective at reducing drop out levels and lowering teen crime, were qualitative, not costly in nature. In fact, dating as far back to his first years in office, Gov. Huckabee pushed for the first comprehensive tax cuts in the entire history of his state. Two years later, he followed up by cutting the state’s capital gains tax and by gaining passage of the Property Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights, limiting the amount that property taxes can be raised. Governor Huckabee has supported conservative measures to fix social security, encourage school choice and advance tort reform. What’s more, he’s also the most widely known and outspoken proponent of the “fair tax” in the nation.

His record added to his strong opposition to the current federal Bailout Bill means, yes, Mike Huckabee knows how to be a fiscal conservative.


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  1. Larry on

    It’s sad that Huckabee’s record was so butchered by talk radio and the Club for Growth. They did their best to hide the true Mike Huckabee from the voters and it seemed to work. Hopefully, in 2012, it will not happen again.

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