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Huckabee Hits #5

I wasn’t planning on posting over the Thanksgiving holiday, but word was received that Mike Huckabee’s book Do the Right Thing made the New York Time’s Best Seller List.  It became official today and his book debuted at #5.  Congratulations, Governor!


Top 5 at a Glance
1. OUTLIERS, by Malcolm Gladwell
2. TOO FAT TO FISH, by Artie Lange with Anthony Bozza
3. DEWEY, by Vicki Myron with Bret Witter
4. AMERICAN LION, by Jon Meacham
5. DO THE RIGHT THING, by Mike Huckabee

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Give Thanks: Jesus Edges Out Santa

My 1st grade daughter brought home a list she made yesterday of things to be thankful for.  I can’t give her all of the credit for thinking up these thirteen things because she told me that the students gave suggestions for the list and the teacher wrote them on the board for them.  She also told me that there weren’t in any particular order, but I have to wonder about that.  Here is her list:

1.   mom  (I’ve got a big head about that one)
2.   dad
3.   brother
4.   dog
5.   house
6.   Jesus/God  (yes, she goes to a public school)
7.   Santa  (take that, St. Nick!)
8.   love
9.   teacher
10. food
11. school
12. ME!  (so far the liberals haven’t got the “me first” drilled into her head yet) 
13. friends

I’m going to “ditto” that list, but mine would be in a different order.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Chip Saltsman for RNC Chair

Draft Chip Saltsman for RNC Chairman

In the end of January the Republican National Committee will pick their new chairman.  My support goes out to former Tennessee Republian Party Chairman and former Mike Huckabee Campaign Manager, Chip Saltsman.  While he headed the Tennessee GOP he handed Al Gore a loss in his home state and Saltsman was one of the main components of the Huckaboom.  He is the youngest of the RNC chair contenders and has a bright future in the Republican party. 

Saltsman is an authentic conservative who can reunite the party and has the knowledge of how to energize the base and also how to reach out to new voters.  The Republican party is in desperate need of someone who knows how to utilize the grassroots movement and expand it to the internet and the bloggers.  The Democrats are way ahead of us on that one and we will continue to fall behind if we do not invade this area.  Saltsman knows how to utilize this type of campaign and can do it successfully on a shoestring budget, which is another area the GOP has to improve on.  If Saltsman could do so much with so little, just think what he could do as RNC Chairman.  He represents the traditional values of the Republican party while having his eyes set on the future.  I have included Chip Saltsman’s Plan for Republican Victory that he has given out to members of the Republican National Committee.  Good luck, Chip!

Gary Bauer, the Pharisee

It is apparent that prominent evangelical leader Gary Bauer is in the process of reading Mike Huckabee’s book Do the Right Thing.  Bauer submitted his first press release after the Time article about the book hit the press and gave him a heads up about Huckabee comparing Bauer’s objections to his candidacy to “playing Whac-a-Mole at the arcade.”  He then evidently started reading the book and inevitable stumbled on Huckabee labeling him as “politically clueless” due to Bauer forsaking social issues for national security issues, because he issued a second statement a couple of days later.  Too avoid looking uninformed, maybe he should have read the whole book before making any sort of statement.  I’m wondering how many more press releases he will give.  After all, those that get backed into the corner with the mirror of truth often have a lot of explaining to do.

Gary Bauer has been a leader in the pro-life and pro-family movement since the 80s.  Life, marriage, and family have been the focus of most of his life’s work, so why in the 2008 presidential election did he turn his back on these social issues?  Bauer passed over Mike Huckabee, who was the only 100% pro-family and pro-life candidate left in the presidential race at that time, to endorse Senator John McCain.  Huckabee not only talked the talk of a values focused candidate, but he walked the walk.  He passed both a marriage amendment and human life amendment as governor of Arkansas with a Democratic legislature.  Opposite of Huckabee, John McCain did not support a national human life amendment and voted against the federal marriage amendment and called it “un-Republican.”  It is very evident that Gary Bauer sold out the pro-life and pro-family issues for a seat at the table.  He stated in his first press release that he chose McCain because of national security issues.  In his second statement, after finally opening Huckabee’s book, he back peddled and gave other reasons for his endorsement when he realizes Huckabee nails Bauer’s group for “losing focus on its focus.”

Mike Huckabee had proven to be a viable candidate when Gary Bauer made his presidential pick.  Instead of choosing the candiate who embodied everything the Christian conservative community that Bauer represented stood for, he chose to be a  kingmaker with a candidate had worked against the issues that are the primary focus of Bauer’s group: life, marriage, and family.  An evangelical leader is supposed to lead in the area of traditional values and furthur their cause instead of anointing the next President of the United States.  Gary Bauers’ excuses are weak and petty.  Could it also be that he was a little jealous of Mike Huckabee’s success and didn’t want him to get any farther since Bauer had a previous failed presidential bid?  All of these things lead to this………and the Pharisees said to Pilate, “Crucify him.”

Holy Cow! The Huck-a-Bus Has Come and Gone

What would bring so many Iowans out of their warm houses on a freezing November night?  The same thing that inspired them to drag their butts off of their couches on the sub-zero night of January 3rd:  their support of Mike Huckabee and conservative values.  One would think that after a roller coaster election season that has lasted more than fifteen months for Iowans and ended in bitter Republican defeats plagued with party in-fighting most people would not find having a political book signed by a former presidential candidate high on their priority list.  But someone forgot to tell the base of the party that they have been left for dead while mods in the GOP continue to argue that it must move to the center to win elections.  Really, win elections without these people and these issues?

At the Cedar Rapids event at Barnes and Noble it has been reported that between 600-800 showed up for the Do the Right Thing book signing over the noon hour yesterday.  And at the Des Moines event that same night at Sam’s Club that number of people were already there one half hour into the event.  What is easy to see is that Huckabee still has the base support, but now he is also shaking hands with liberals on his FOX tv show and will be reaching out to millions of other Americans on his radio show The Huckabee Report.  I have paid attention to the media and the blogoshpere and I am fully aware of the ridicule and hatred that a few have directed towards Huckabee and those who believe that focusing on the social issues is what can make the government fiscally conservative.  All I can say is “bring it on” because that means we must be above the target.  Don’t kid yourself for one minute that the Republican party does not need candidates like Mike Huckabee or voters like these to get our conservative message out.

The Huck-a-Bus is Almost Here

Tonight I will be attending Mike Huckabee’s book signing event for Do the Right Thing in Des Moines, Iowa.  Yes, I am proud to be an Iowan and proud to be the home of the First in the Nation Caucus. I have heard that the title of the first chapter in Huckabee’s new book is called “I Love Iowa”. This book has been receiving a lot of press already, but mostly because of the part of the book where Huckabee calls out rivals and non-supporters. I’ll take it though, because it is getting the book noticed and the more people who buy the book the more people who will read Huckabee’s message about getting the Republican party back on track.

I will give an account tomorrow of the book signing. Until then, check out this great bumper sticker that you can get from this website that is raising money for Mike Huckabee. Pretty amazing.

Handout Heaven

As I watch the Dow plummet once again today for whatever reason……sell-offs, job cuts etc……  I realize that my government knows even less about our financial mess than I do.  I’m not an economic genius or Wall Street wizard but I know enough to realize that this “bailout”, “rescue”, “corporate welfare”, “welfare for the rich” or whatever you want to call it, is not working.  Henry Paluson doesn’t even know which way is up anymore, but not that he ever did.  Ever since this federal bailout plan, I have watched the stock market drop to rock bottom and then make a 900 point swing in one day.  It has not let up one bit since congress chose to give my money to corporations who will foolishly squander it away once again.  They keep saying, “It’s going to take awhile, it’s going to take awhile.”  Yeah, right.  And now they are in heated deliberations about bailing out the auto industry.  Am I missing something here?  Come on, didn’t you learn your lesson?

Republicans are supposed to be the voice of fiscal conservatism and free market, but many have failed us badly in these areas with this bailout.  We need more conservatives like Mike Huckabee who immediately spoke out against the bailout (I have included his statement below) and is still very critical of it today, especially now that the government is looking at bailing out the Big 3.  In fact, this week on Hannity and Colmes Huckabee went as far as to call the bailout “insane”.  He knows how hard Americans work for their money and that we should not be penalized for the failures of others, especially not financial giants who fell at the hands of greed.  He also knows that free market works because it is FREE.  That means sometimes you win and sometimes you loose, and when you do loose it is your responsibility to pick up the pieces and not someone else’s.  Just ask the losers at the black jack tables in Vegas.  I doubt if the government is going to bail them out, but who knows???????  Maybe they’re next in the handout line.


Frankly, I’m disappointed and disgusted with my own Republican party as I watch them attempt to strong-arm a bailout of some of America’s biggest corporations by asking the taxpayers to suck up the staggering results of the hubris, greed, and arrogance of those who sought to make a quick buck by throwing the dice. They lost, but want the rest of us to cover their bets so they won’t be effected in their lavish lifestyles as they figure out how to spend….

Read the rest of his statement here.

Huckabee’s “Do the Right Thing”: Honest and Unplugged

Today is when Governor Mike Huckabee’s anxiously awaited new book Do the Right Thing hits the shelves.  Yesterday Time released an article giving a preview of the book that got the blogesphere worked up because it paints Huckabee’s book as a way to settle scores with his past rivals and non-supporters.  First of all, I would like to thank Time for proving once again that the old saying “no press is bad press” is very true.  This book has been shooting up the book sales chart on Amazon and is still climbing.  Second, I need to point out that this book is not about Huckabee settling scores or reliving campaign moments.  It’s about what worked and didn’t work on the campaign trail.  It’s a behind the scenes look at the competition for the most important job in America.  And most importantly, it is about the truth.  Unfiltered, to the point, and sometimes painful truth about the Republican party and its path from the center back to its core principles.  There have been critics step forward about how Huckabee has handled the truth in his book, but no one has yet disputed him on what he says is the truth.

On a blogger conference call yesterday with the governor I got a chance to hear him answer our questions and give us insight into the book.  Huckabee made it clear to us that the central theme in his book is the importance of the social issues and how their deterioration is directly related to government.  He also said that in his book he “uses his presidential campaign as a backdrop to demonstrate where the GOP needs to go from here without losing the conservative principles of less government, lower taxes, sanctity of life, and traditional marriage.”  He explained to us that these principles are the “what” we believe, but now we have to do a better job of explaining “why” we believe that they are what is best for our nation.  I also believe that our party needs to do a much better job of unifying around our core issues and values and taking it to the people with reasons and solutions.  There is nothing wrong with our message, we just need some better messengers.  Thanks for being one of those messengers, governor, and hang on to that smiley-face ring because you might need it again.


Those are the chants that were heard at the Fair Tax rally that thousands of people attended in Georgia yesterday.  Winner of Georgia’s 2008 primary, Governor Mike Huckabee, was there not only to join in the support for the Fair Tax but also to stump for Republican incumbent U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss.  Senator Chambliss also backs the Fair Tax and is in a run-off election on December 2nd with Democratic challenger Jim Martin.  Huckabee was there supporting Chambliss not only because he wants to have the Fair Tax supported in the US Senate but also because the Democrats are only three seats away from achieving their super majority, and Chambliss’ seat is one of the three contested Republican seats still up for grabs.

The senator’s challenger, Jim Martin, has spent millions of dollars lying about the Fair Tax in order to discredit Chambliss’ tax stances.  The Fair Tax raises the federal sales tax but will abolish the national income tax and will revive a failing economy and keep jobs in the United States.  Mr. Martin’s attack ads try to discredit Senator Chambliss’ fiscal conservatism by saying that he wants to raise the national sales tax but leaves out that he also wants to close the doors on the IRS.  It is a heated battle and voter turn-out on the Republican side is imperative for the senator’s re-election and Huckabee got the crowd fired up to go out and vote for Saxby Chambliss.

Also at the rally were radio talk show host Neil Boortz and Congressman John Linder who co-authored The Fair Tax Book.  In a CNN interview last week with Rick Sanchez, Neil Boortz put his support behind Governor Huckabee for the next leader of the GOP.

SANCHEZ: If — you’re not a Republican, but if you were to tag yourself in that area…


SANCHEZ: …you’d be the fiscal kind, right? You’re not a social…

BOORTZ: I’m a social — I’m pretty much a social liberal. I’m a fiscal conservative.

SANCHEZ: A fiscal conservative.

BOORTZ: And if I had to pick a Republican candidate right now…

SANCHEZ: It wouldn’t be Sarah Palin, then?

BOORTZ: No, it wouldn’t be. It would be Mike Huckabee.

SANCHEZ: Mike Huckabee.



BOORTZ: And I’m going to be with him this weekend at a fair tax rally, by the way, Governor Sanford.

Huckabee Dominates the Media

First a new book, then a FOX tv show, and now you will hear Mike Huckabee on the radio.  He has signed with the ABC Radio Networks and The Huckabee Report will be on the air beginning January 5, 2009.  It will air mornings and afternoons with Huckabee relaying the top news of the day while drawing on his experience as fomer governor of Arkansas and presidential candidate.  The Gipper would be proud.  This statement from a press release is why I think this show will be valuable for us everyday Americans.

Huckabee will discuss the top stories of the day in a way that will “speak directly to where the listeners are.” He will discuss news “from a perspective that touches the listeners at the dinner table at night. That’s the goal — not to be esoteric or talk about it from the ivory towers of Washington but to talk about how it’s going to affect the person driving to work today, not knowing if this is the last day they are going to have their job.”

Maybe I won’t always have to turn off conservative media like I posted about below.  Hallelujah!!!!